GAME OF THRONES Settlers of Catan Board Game (Complete game)


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Well, if you've found this, you undoubtedly know about the game Settlers of Catan, and hopefully GAME OF THRONES. This is my rendition of the game. Restyled and re-designed in its' entirety, this game plays with the exact same rules, set up, and strategies as the original. HOWEVER, there are NO cards (everything is made from wood. There are tokens instead of cards (for your resources) and the Development cards are cut from wood. Everything is themed in GAME OF THRONES motifs, language, and style.

This set includes:

The Board is laser engraved and cut, and made from Birch. Measures 18" around. It is laid out (as close as I could) with the regions of the game, and the oath of the Nights Watch around the entire edge.

The box is segmented, to fit all the pieces, and is made from Birch. The board is hinged to the box as the lid.

There are 2 special wooden cards for Kings Road and Kings Guard.

There are 4 price cards also made from wood.

There are 4 color keyed boxes, engraved with the House Symbol, Names, and Words (Stark, Baratheon, Targaryen, Lannister) which hold all the Castles, Watch Towers and roads, and during game play the development cards, price cards and special cards. These boxes, roads, and Towers, and Castles, are all dyed wood in four different colors.

There are 4 full sets of roads, Watch Towers, and Castles, made from dyed wood.

The resources in this version of the game (Gold, Bricks, Ravens, Wine, Armor) are tokens instead of cards, and are laser engraved, and stained the same color as their corresponding tiles.

There is a segmented box to hold all five of the different resources. This is engraved on top with the IRON BANK OF BRAAVOS, and their Logo.

There is a full set of 19 different tiles. Citadel at Oldtown (Produces Ravens), Vineyards (Wine), Mines (gold), Blacksmiths (Armor), Quarry (Bricks) and The Red Keep (instead of the desert)

The knight cards, and all other development cards are all individually GAME OF THRONES themed. Every knight is different (with the Knights: Name, and Shield.) The others include things like medieval siege equiptment, Iron Bank, and Brotherhood Without Banners.

There are 18 numbered tiles

There are 9 Trading post/Harbor tiles (all individually named after the Game of Thrones harbors and ports)

There are 2 laser engraved dice (they are kinda large and more decorative than practical, so you can use them, but you might find regular dice work better)

And there is the IRON THRONE. It is a laser cut throne, made from Cherry, and stained grey, on a tiled (wood) base which is stained to match the RED KEEP tile, and also happens to be the same color as the TARGARYEN game pieces (since the Targaryens built the red keep, and would match the floor in the throne room.) The whole piece is encased in crystal clear cast resin giving it amazing durability, and highlighting the detail of the piece.

I also include a brief explanation of the changes, so that you will understand how this is played (it assumes you are familiar with Settlers of Catan already.)

This board took me almost 70 hours just to design, and making it is about 3 weeks worth of work, but it is truly an amazing game, and beautifully rendered with the theme throughout.

SO, challenge your friends to some friendly (or not so friendly) battles for control of resources, regions, the Iron Throne, and ultimately, all of Westeros!!!


If you are interested in a DIFFERENT themed Settlers of Catan game, let me know. I would love to design more, and make them for you. For instance, some ideas I had:

Dr. Who
Star Wars
Dystopian Future (Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, etc.)
Lord of the Rings
Roman Empire
Rock 'n Roll
Star Trek
Harry Potter
Monster Mash
St. Patricks Day
Napolenic wars
Cold wars
Comic book heros
Big game Hunter...

Use your imagination, and send me a message, and I can see what I we can come up with.


Payment is pretty easy through Etsy, so this is straight forward. If we work together on an idea, I'd be more than happy to create a private listing for you. Custom work, once agreed upon, will require payment before physical work can begin. Most items take about 2 weeks to make, although some of the bigger and more elaborate products can take up to a month. If you are unsure, or want an estimate on production times, send me a message and I can let you know!!!

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Also, the cost of shipping and handling of "FREE SHIPPING" items will NOT be refunded in the case of a return. This expense is included into the cost of the item, and, since USPS does not reimburse me if you purchase something, and send it back to me, I do not reimburse the expenses (included into the price of the items with "free shipping") to buyers. If you would like to know exactly what I pay for shipping, in the case of a return, please feel free to ask me.

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Most of my items are wood. There are, of course, some variances between different pieces of wood, even within the same board. I will always try my best to make the best looking piece for my customer. Sometimes I will search out a board with almost no grain, or a piece with a lot of grain. I will often design specifically with the grain in mind. That being said, yours will not look exactly like the pictured items. It will however, be amazing. When referencing grips, I will use many terms. Most are industry standard, however, if you are unsure, please feel free to send me a message. For instance, 1911 compact grips are 2 11/16" from the center of the top grip screw to the center of the bottom grip screw, and 1911 full size is 3 1/16" center of screw to center of screw. Ambi is short for ambidextrous safety. Magwell means your gun has a flared magazine well.

Also, if you have a RIA (RockIslandArmory) 1911, please be aware, your chances of needing to do modifications are much higher than if you have any other 1911. RIA is notoriously NOT a mil-spec 1911; they use a lot of non-spec parts, and are very low on quality control/consistency. If you have questions, please let me know.

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This was an expensive purchase, and one I contemplated for months, but am so pleased I took the plunge. I bought it as a gift for someone who enjoys both Settlers of Catan and Game of Thrones, so it was a perfect I was surprised to not find elsewhere! Every time we invite people over the play, they are shocked and delighted at the beauty and uniqueness of the game. I would definitely recommend, as it's well-crafted and even more beautiful and detailed in person.

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